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A research project supported by the Region, “To create an instrument which will accurately forecast foundry defects”: This is the objective of the project within the programme of “regional competitiveness and employment” that started a year ago.

In order to limit its losses, the Zardo SpA foundry (a member of the Capleda Group) already has in place careful controls at the metalworking phase. With this new research work a further control grid is required, that through an articulated data collection system, which when then aligned with a nonlinear algorithm, results in limiting internal scrap and also further reduces the small percentage of unseen loss that can be turned into yield.

There are three organisations involved: Fonderia Zardo SpA, responsible for managing the production phases, prototyping, experimentation, data collection and data base implementation; Proservice srl for the supplying of the process control software; University of Padua’s department of Industrial Technique and Management, for the study of the correlation between the various production data.

The advantage is naturally an economic one but above all environmental, reducing scrap means savings in production terms which then follows in a reduction in environmental impact.

Moreover, there is another advantage within this system: traceability at each stage of production phase.