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On November 17th, a meeting of the UNI Pump Commission (the regulation and certification authority) was held in Milan, and the meeting was attended for Calpeda by Mr. Francesco Zio, technical, sales and quality executive.
Various important matters were discussed in the morning, and stock of the situation was taken regarding Italian participation and contribution during international workshops regarding themes pertaining to pumps carried out in the CEN European and international ISO Headquarters.
In particular, the new argument regarding the “Carbon Footprint” was faced, which qualifies the environmental sustainability of products in function of the equivalent amount of carbon employed in the production of such products.
Matters like “Extended Product Approach” and “System Approach” were discussed that concern obtaining energy saving not only from the use of more efficient pumps, but from the use of frequency converters for the control and optimization of the hydraulic planning, and for the control and monitoring of hydraulic plants.
An other subject discussed was the advancement in the procedure of the emission of the regulation of  “Water Pumps”  and the draft of the norm on the determination of MEI (Minimum Efficiency Indexs for pumps?!?!?!?!?).
In the afternoon, an extended meeting with companies associated with Assopompe was held with the intent of understanding if the Italian Industry is prepared for the changes requested by the European Commission; in other words, if they are prepared to produce quality pumps with high levels of efficiency; observations were elaborated and will be taken to the Commission, with the technical contribution of Mr. Francesco Zio and Mr. Michele Dai Prè (research and development) that is directed to eliminating abnormalities and to aligning the texts of the new Norm and Regulation.