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On 15th march Calpeda opened its doors to the Employment Ministers. It was an immense pleasure to be able to come face to face with these people, all with different professional experiences but sharing stories of commitment, responsibility and above all passion for their work.

We were proud to show the pulsing heart of our company, where our products are made thanks to the daily contribution of everyone.Working together for quality. This aspect has always been the distinguishing feature of Calpeda that was unanimously recognised and this naturally was an enormous pleasure for us.Precision, flexibility, attention to safety, the use of vanguard technology and above all the sense of belonging to a big, unique family were underlined.

An employment Minister is first of all the person who conveys his skills in a serene and respectful climate and in this way a company becomes great together with its employees.This is the route that our employment Minister Gianfranco Frighetto, workshop Manager for almost forty years, has followed and now follows with his student and current manager Antonio Battanoli.

Silvana Azzolin, Consul of the province for the Federation of Italian employment Ministers.

“ The invitation to the employment Ministers to visit Calpeda was very much appreciated and very interesting, and not only to those who have worked in this sector. Everyone was very satisfied to have been in contact with this particular even unique production reality.

It was interesting to see how Calpeda manages to produce a high quality product for a cost that we understood to be competitive, with an active and strong competition.

We think this result is the fruit of excellent working organization, the choice and availability of vanguard and robotized tooling machines, but above all the staff who were seen to be actively involved. An obvious sign that product and production procedures have been studied well and are up to date with the continual evolution demanded by the market, which we think, is demanding and always difficult.

The engineers, who accompanied us on the company tour, always spoke in the plural “we” and/or “Calpeda”. And it is this that confirmed that the ownership is like the doctrine: the true industrialist invests today to profit tomorrow.

In other words, in order to profit, and not only money, the true industrialist invests in:

HUMAN RESOURCES who we saw were autonomous even with the big and complex machinery and so professionally trained;

MACHINARY which we saw was excellent;

ENVIRONMENT, which was valued in all fields.

Thank you to the firm CALPEDA S.p.A for its availability and welcome and wish that it may continue to assert itself in the market.”

 Who are the employment Ministers 


The star for merit at work is a medal from the Republic of Italy that revives and continues the analogous decoration established during the kingdom of Italy. The kingdom of Italy on 30th December 1923 n. 3167 initiated the star for merit at work which since then has continued and by royal decree on 4th September 1927, n. 1785, it was conceded that the award was to be extended to Italian citizens resident abroad too.

According to the law n. 143 of 5th February 1992, each year a maximum of 1000 decorations can be awarded, of which 500 to workers who started in the lower contract categories.

The nomination of employment Minister in Italy awarded by the President of the Republic, at the proposal of the Minister of work, to Italian citizens who are employees and who at work have:

1)    Distinguished themselves for singular merits of skill, industriousness and good moral conduct;

People who with inventions or innovations, solutions or new proposals in technical, production or administrative fields have improved the efficiency of tools, applied methods, perfected safety measures at work and increased the working well-being of employees, cultivating in them a moral and professional training, making the effort to bring to the surface to show every person the importance of aggregation and the sense of belonging to a family, a society and a company.

Why this order: family, society and company?

Because it is in the family that the most important principals, duties and behaviour such as the sense of belonging, of affection and also hierarchical respect are taught and therefore acquired.

All these family values form society, and when these are brought into the working environment the firm too receives benefits and advantages on both an economic and human level.