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Perhaps there is no better way to define the new Mèta Small, a pressurizing unit with an integrated inverter, ideal for home use and irrigation, than the evolution of a revolution.

What looks like a pun actually contains all the essential elements that led to the development of this new product of the e-idos line.

This definition contains the starting point, which is a truly revolutionary pump as Mèta proved to be, and there is also the road to innovation that has never stopped, yet it has been working on the strong points of that product, conceiving new applications, contemplating new requirements. The outcome is Mèta Small, an even more revolutionary product that fully expresses Mèta’s philosophy, increases its advantages and enhances its green soul.

How does Mèta Small look

First of all, its size, smaller than Mèta’s. This makes the product perfect for irrigation and pressurization of individual housing units. Thus, Mèta Small completes the range and continues the commitment started with Mèta: making sustainable innovation ever more accessible on a large scale and consequently boost the environmental benefits deriving from it.

Then there is the design, so compact that it makes Mèta Small a one-of-a-kind pump on the market. Its extreme compactness is the consequence of a full integration of all the elements that make up a pressurizing system. The diaphragm tank is inside the pump body, the non-return valve is incorporated into the intake and the inverter is integrated into the motor.

Finally, its reduced noise level. We have developed a technologically advanced system that eliminates the ventilation of the motor, which results in the generated noise being lower than 50 decibels. Thanks to such feature, the pump can also be easily installed even inside an apartment, ensuring a high acoustic comfort, which is fundamental for the well-being of your home.

Performance and Sustainability

Mèta Small means comfort combined with performance and respect for the environment. Silent but powerful, the pump achieves very high-performance curves and an energy efficiency even higher than the already remarkable one of Mèta and comparable to the “best-in-class” application present on the market. The product has an energy efficiency index (EEI) of 0.42 under constant pressure and allows, in general operation, to save up to 70% of the energy used by an equivalent traditional pump. Mèta Small has also come a long way with respect to the raw materials used for its development. Half of the hydraulics, half of the active materials, such as iron and copper, and less than half of the auxiliary materials, such as aluminum, are necessary for its realization compared to an excellent traditional application. This is highly significant data if we consider the impact that the natural resource extraction and processing have on our planet, and it gives Mèta Small a decidedly ecological footprint.

All the numbers of Mèta Small describe a special pump, a perfect example of the Extended Product Approach and the results that can be achieved when considering a product in its entirety.

It is a clear confirmation that electronics and hydraulics are a winning combination that is all about responsibility and innovation.