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Calpeda is the only company in Italy, and one of eighteen companies in the world, to receive UL 448 certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories. It is particularly selective certification, demanded by fire prevention designers who operate above all in particular markets such as the USA, Canada and the Middle East. The UL 448 Standard indicates that the product must adhere to specific requirements, ranging from traceability of all the materials used to some special technical specifications, through to the use of specific construction and machining tolerances.

The Calpeda machines that have received UL 448 certification are a development of the single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps belonging to the already well-known N series that comply with the EN 733 Standard.

The work done to receive this certification was demanding, because not only did we have to study a new construction and adapt it to the technical specifications required by UL, but we also had to redefine the production process.

Among other things, periodic checks on the technical aspects such as machining, certification of the materials, measuring instruments, end-of-line testing and material flow through the company, must be carried out to further guarantee technical and organizational compliance.

For Calpeda, this certification is an additional demonstration how seriously we take production standards allowing us to be recognised even in particularly rigorous environments, for example fire prevention and safety that are regulated by strict international standards, as is the case with the UL 448.

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