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The 80s represent an important phase in Calpeda’s history. They launch in the swimming pool pump sector the NMP line. These pumps are made of iron or bronze and are still available today.

The range then widened in the 90s with the MPC line, made of engineering plastic.

From then on, thanks also to constant research, Calpeda has strengthened its presence in this market segment with products studied ad hoc.

Given that swimming pool pumps are required to have particular performances because coupled with filtering systems, specific hydraulics were produced for this market sector.

Calpeda swimming pool pumps stood out right from the very start because of two important characteristics: their priming capacity and their great compactness.

The MPC pumps in particular have a very fast priming capacity, which guarantees safe operation in every situation. This is possible thanks to a patented diffuser and a stainless steel diffuser funnel that is a Calpeda exclusive.

Over the years, interventions have been made in order to improve the range to a higher extent. The mechanical part was reviewed, in particular the MPC range, to further increase its reliability and make maintenance easier. The introduction of a support base has instead made the pump more functional and suitable for plants.

Thanks to quality, technology and innovation the Calpeda range of swimming pool pumps can answer different requirements, both regarding materials and performance curves.

In addition, Calpeda has a range of  pre-filters that can be coupled with the NM pumps.

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