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The range of Calpeda drainage pumps, all characterised by maximum reliability, high level technical solutions and excellent performance, has been increased with the new GQG series.

What makes this new line of submersible pumps stand out?

They are integrated with a high power grinder made of AISI440C steel, which is used for cutting tools, that makes them suitable for pumping waste water containing long filamentous, paper or textiles materials, for domestic, residential and industrial installations.

The grinder is made up of a three-bladed knife and a fixed knife with 8 cutting holes, and it guarantees 69,000 cuts per minute.

In addition to its strength, that comes from the materials it is made of (cast iron and steel), and its resistance to wear thanks also to the internal double mechanical shaft seal with interposed oil chamber, the GQG line presents great installation flexibility as its strong point.  The delivery port guarantees three different fixing types:  flanged DN 32 PN6 EN 1092-2; threaded G 1 ½ ISO 228; for duck foot coupling SA G2.

To guarantee safe starting with single-phase pumps, a control box with dedicated capacitor has been applied.

Maintenance, finally, is made easier thanks to the possibility of resetting the distance between the blades without having to dismantle the pump.

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