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The appointment for the usual yearly meeting of the agents in the Italian sales network was at the end of March in Calpeda.  This meeting has always been an important moment for sharing projects, ideas and products, but it is also an occasion for strengthening enthusiasm and conviction. Because in a technological world like ours, if keeping in contact is not a problem, interacting personally, exchanging experiences and feeling part of one great big team can certainly be.

“The product-client bond must be consolidated, starting from the agents who are our filter in the territory and our eyes on the market” explains Matteo Majolo, head of the Italian sales network.  “We can count on an excellent group of professionals who have been working with us for years, and with which we have a very trusting relationship…considering this, it’s not surprising that we are already working with the second generation in many regions.”

During the meeting, Matteo Majolo’s role as a reference point for the various agencies that represent Calpeda in Italy will be presented officially.


Matteo Majolo




[pullquote] Our intention is to bring clients to the company more often so they can recognise the quality behind our pumps







“I was fully trained at Calpeda,” explains Majolo “from production to testing, shipping, repairs and then the sales office, where I have been working these last two years, and which gave me the chance to prepare for this new role.  I will now further strengthen the bond between the company and the outside world, transfer information from the company to the agents and fully support them in their relationship with clients, no matter whether industry or retailers.”

The objectives for the near future and the actions to be carried out to reach them were presented at the meeting.  A 5% increase in sales for the Italian market is being targeted, thanks also to the relaunch of industry and the increasingly greater recognition by clients of the value that quality and service have.

“We presented our new products to the agents, products that are strongly aimed at technologies for saving energy, and we spoke about the intention of bringing clients to the company more often so they not only recognise the quality behind our pumps, but so they can also see how a pump is produced fully in one single factory. Quite a rarity these days.  In the same manner, we feel it is fundamentally important to visit the clients and install a relationship that is not just professional but also human, as can already be seen in our after sales service:  it is definitely not a call centre, but an office where those who call will always find a technician ready to answer every question”.


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