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Technical innovation never stops at Calpeda.  Another novelty has been added to the production department, with the aim of further improving not just end product quality but also work quality for operators.

A new plant that produces wound stators for the MEC 80 motor was installed in the windings department.

The hydraulic shaping press on an already-existing coil winding machine was replaced by a new electric press, improving productivity and quality when shaping motor heads thanks to the possibility of setting the shaping parameters phase by phase.

Another 2 machines were added to complete the plant, one for bevelling and one for inserting insulation into the slot bottom, all dominated by a load-unload robot with three-dimensional viewing system for extracting the stators directly from the container.

The increase in productivity was immediately evident, and at the same time work quality improved greatly, alleviating the operator from having to continually handle heavy stators.


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