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Working together to obtain great results, comparing ideas, visions, needs. This was the spirit behind the meeting attended by all the Asian subsidiaries of Calpeda: Calpeda Asia Pacific, Calpeda Australia, Calpeda Malaysia, Calpeda Bejing, Calpeda India, Calpeda Thailand, Calpeda Taiwan and Calpeda Korea.

The meeting, held in the new Calpeda Asia Pacific premises, also included Calpeda UK and Calpeda France, for additional exchanges and comparisons with two successful European realities.

All the participants took part in a training session held by Andrè Kistner on the new frequency converter, “I-MAT”. Not only the technical characteristics of the product were greatly appreciated, but also its programming simplicity, an authentic key strenght of the Calpeda variable speed system. Additional suggestions emerged for further widening the I-MAT’s fields of use.

“The technical presentation and relative training were a true “Family Day”, something that is part of our DNA,” said Francesco Majolo, the Vice-president of Calpeda. “We wanted each subsidiary to bring its own experience and the needs of its market, sharing challenges and objectives, and feeling a part of a unique large “Family”. The meeting was extremely positive and there is another larger appointment being programmed. All the subsidiaries will meet in the Montorso Vicentino headquarters for the MCE trade fair, that will be held in Milan from 15th to 18th of March 2016.”

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