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Centrifugal pumps are very common, because thanks to their characteristics they are perfect for multiple uses: for supplying water and irrigation systems, for civil and industrial applications, for fire-fighting, heating, air-conditioning, cooling and circulation systems.

In answer to the requirements of all these sectors, the Calpeda NM pump range offers quality and performance in a multitude of models, meaning that clients can always find the most suitable solution for their needs.

The latest additions to the range are the new N-NM 32L, centrifugal pumps with flanged connections.

So what makes them special?

They are special because they lie between the N-NM 32 and the N-NM 40 series, which means they have the same main characteristics and strong points.

The threaded intake and delivery ports of the new models, in fact, are the same size as those of the N-NM 32/16 and N-NM 32/20 models. The coupling diameters are also the same, but the delivery range is wider.

This means that N-NM 32L pumps guarantee higher performance curves without needing wider pipes for installation. The N 32L-200 pumps are also just as compact as the N 32-200s.

Another interesting aspect is the maximum working pressure of the pump body, which reaches 16 bar.

These results are the outcome of research involving both the mechanical and the fluid dynamics characteristics of the product. By working on the materials and the design, it was possible to increase the power and resistance while reducing the weight of the pump body.

Last but not least: N-NM32L pumps have feet that are easier to access, which helps when fixing to the ground.

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