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The MP series pumps made by Calpeda are submersible multi-stage close coupled pumps for domestic, plant and irrigation use.

When speaking about pumps for domestic systems, the most important characteristics are undoubtedly flexibility, how easy they are to install and, naturally, their low cost.

There are cases, however, when a pump from the domestic range is required but with a higher power than those available. To answer this need, Calpeda has increased its offer of MP submersible pumps by inserting new models that have a greater head.

The range was therefore completed with the more powerful MP 204 and MP 403 series.


These new submersible pumps, which are economic and easy to use but more powerful, are perfect for being used when the hydraulic system requires greater pressure or to draw off water from first water tanks.

MP 204 pumps reach a head of 40 m and a flow rate of up to  5 m3/h; the MP 403 pumps instead have a head of 32 m and a flow rate of up to 7.2 m3/h. Both types have a 0.45 kW motor.


Here are some of the main characteristics of these models:

  • built-in condenser, easy to inspect;
  • motor prepared for inverter if requested;
  • the pump can have a fixed float to optimise space management inside the sump;
  • the materials that come into contact with the liquid are made of AISI 304 steel and Noryl.


If requested, the MP204 and MP403 pumps can be supplied with an ACS Certificate of Sanitary Conformity in the event of them having to transport drinkable water.

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