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The theme of World Water Day 2023 is clear: the change has to be faster and everyone has to do their bit. Everyone has to commit themselves to implementing lifestyles that are more sustainable, even companies. And if dealing with production realities that belong to the water movement industry, as in our case, then the challenge becomes even more thrilling. Taking care of the most precious resource for life, offering solutions for the whole water cycle, proposing innovative systems that can blend technology with respect for the environment, is our daily mission and our commitment towards all our stakeholders. Each product of ours, from its design to its installation, must be considered as a tool for improving the quality of life and a step forward in defending the planet.

Clean, safe water for everyone

Among the 19 sustainable development goals, number 6 of the UN 2030 Agenda is “Clean water and sanitation”. Its purpose is to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. A demanding challenge if you look at the numbers, but this is precisely why it is urgent and primary. According to the United Nations, 663 million people in the world do not have drinkable water and 40% of the population suffers from water scarcity. In the same manner, 2.4 billion people do not have basic sanitation. 

Through water distribution networks and extraction from underground sources, pumps are essential for guaranteeing the supply of water, which is a basic necessity of life. With our pumps we have always been actively involved in guaranteeing solutions that are reliable, that work even in difficult situations, that are strong enough to not need maintenance, that are more and more efficient from an energy point of view.

Access to drinkable water sources that are also clean and safe cannot leave the treatment of wastewater out of consideration. Treatment plants need pumping stations to lift and transport the fluids, operations that have to be done as safely and efficiently as possible. Even in this situation pumps play a key role in maintaining the salubrity of the environment and the integrity of the water sources.

For sustainable economic development

There can be no economic development without water resources. Water is a necessary element for farms, breeding farms, various industrial processes. Farming, in particular, requires large amounts of water (about 70% of global consumption) and the climatic changes have struck this sector deeply. Pumps can make the difference with the increasing water stress, because they can contribute to the development of efficient and sustainable irrigation systems. High-performance pumps designed for the different irrigation technologies that distribute a sufficient amount of water without wasting it, pumps for intensifying the collection of rainwater or for desalination systems.

Sustainability as a general horizon

The water pump sector is therefore at the forefront in the challenge for a sustainable future for water. Improving access to drinkable water, answering the requests of innovative technologies to preserve water and favouring its re-use, is a push forward in following sustainability goals at all levels. We are constantly committed to making sustainability become an integral part of company culture and our business, as well as a guide in the research and development of our products. Pump ecodesign and an extended product approach mean we can unite performance with energy efficiency, save raw materials, and produce pumping systems with a truly green heart. World water day invites us to be a part of the change that we want to see happen in the world: for us this means proposing accessible innovation on a large scale and having a vision aimed at the future along the whole value chain.

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