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  • Swimming pool pumps need to be used continually to recirculate water
  • Energy efficiency is therefore a very important requisite
  • Energy consumption can be optimised thanks to “intelligent” pumps that regulate the speed and flow, making swimming pools more eco-friendly.

Swimming pools immediately bring to mind moments of relaxation and fun… but swimming pools also mean technological solutions without which guaranteeing clean water and swimming in total safety would be impossible.

Swimming pool pumps are the heart of the filtration system. They guarantee that the water recirculates, drawing it from the skimmers, circulating it through the filter (often a sand filter), then returning it to the pool through the skimmers again. So it’s easy to understand what the main requisites of a swimming pool pump have to be: reliability and filtration capacity. An efficient pump that is suitable for the system must ensure that the whole volume of water passes through the filter several times during the day, recirculating it fully every six hours on average.

A swimming pool filter pump is therefore a device that requires a lot of power, because it has to work continually and move volumes of water that are notable even in smaller pools. This is why energy efficiency is another very interesting aspect to be considered, if we want to save and turn our swimming pool into something sustainable with a reduced environmental impact.



From the experience of the revolutionary technology of Mèta, the pressurized system with a truly green heart, comes I-MPC, the new line of swimming pool pumps

These new swimming pool pumps have all the green advantages of Mèta: ecodesign, energy efficiency and integrated electronic control.

What’s more, the research on duty point optimisation and on adjustment has made it possible to further exalt the energy efficiency already guaranteed by the pump structural characteristics.

I-MPC pumps adapt perfectly to the demands of the system, giving a calibrated energy consumption that is neither higher nor lower than the needs of your swimming pool.

The optimal balance between energy efficiency and filtering capacity can be reached by adjusting the speed and the flow rate.

Four different speed curves are available, which always ensure that the energy consumption is much lower than that of traditional swimming pool pumps.

Alternatively, if set with one of the four pump curves, the pump independently adjusts the speed according to the filtration requirements. In this way the water quality will always be perfect and performances top-of-the-line, but at a competitive cost.

Also consider that adjusting the speed has a positive effect on pump silence, so consequently on the general comfort level of the swimming pool.