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If construction quality and performance are the features we look for in all our products, being able to respond effectively and punctually to different market needs is the objective that guides us in the development of new solutions.

The most recent range extensions highlight how Calpeda is focusing heavily on applications where pumps can handle large volumes of water are required.

The design and production of large capacity pumps makes it possible to meet the demands of sectors where there are large systems, whether it be agriculture and therefore the most modern irrigation systems, or industrial heating or cooling systems.

Furthermore, by extending the range of its solutions with a wide range of products spanning from the lowest to the highest flow rates, Calpeda acts as a reliable and versatile partner even when it comes to participating in large orders.

FEM structural design and CFD fluid dynamics simulations are making a strong contribution to the engineering of new pumps, reducing the development time and manufacturing phases. As far as the industrialisation phase is concerned, it is essential to be able to rely on the latest know-how and machining centres. In fact, this type of pump requires both the ability to produce large components and considerable assembly skills to ensure maximum precision in each step.

The first range extension we would like to focus on concerns the NMS4 150/400 single-block centrifugal pumps with direct pump-motor coupling and the N4 150-400 and N4 200-400 bare shaft centrifugal pumps. In general, the expansion concerned the improvement of efficiency and the increase of maximum power, with a consequent widening of the operating range. More specifically, in the case of the NMS4 150/400 and N4 150-400, this was a repowering that increased the maximum power from 75 to 90 kW. Now these pumps not only achieve a flow rate of 660 m3/h, but the improved efficiency has meant that the increase in power has not affected efficiency and compliance with regulatory targets.

With the N4 200-400, on the other hand, the range has been enriched with a previously non-existent pump model, capable of 132 kW power and a flow rate of 900 m3/h. The new pump can also be installed on large pipes of DN 250 at the inlet and DN 200 at the outlet.

Again, performance was achieved by paying attention to energy efficiency requirements. Finally, alongside the achievement of high efficiencies and increased operating ranges, it should be mentioned that the continuous research work on the development of centrifugal pumps also concerns a mechanical design capable of meeting resistance requirements at nominal pressures of 16 bar.

The expansion of the range towards larger flows also concerns the NR series circulation pumps.

As an anticipation of a larger project to strengthen the range, which is planned for the coming months, the NR 80/125 pump is already available. This new product achieves a flow rate of 120 m3/h, almost double that of the current series, and can therefore be used in large circulation systems with DN 80 pipes. The pump also features a variable speed drive installed directly on the motor: an ‘all in one’ solution that makes for a compact and high-performance installation. As in the case of centrifugal pumps, the aim for circulation pumps is to extend the range of applications with higher flow rates, while at the same time ensuring low energy consumption.