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  •  Wastewater treatment is crucial for the protection of the environment and human health
  • Technology research can support the industry with energy-efficient products
  • It is important to choose the most suitable submersible sewage pump according to the liquid to be treated, so you can be sure of a reliable product

Facilitating wastewater treatment and encouraging the reuse of purified water for non-drinking uses are fully part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In achieving these goals, technological innovation is certainly a valuable ally. The key word is energy efficiency: it is this that makes it possible to optimise treatment processes and benefit from good practices such as water recovery, thus contributing to the protection of water resources and an ever-increasing decarbonisation.

The United Nations had already described wastewater as ‘a great resource not yet adequately exploited’ a few years ago. Wastewater treatment is therefore an extremely challenging area for pump manufacturers, precisely because of the environmental significance contained in the efficient management of this phase of the water cycle.

Whether in civil or industrial waste water treatment, the market demands products that are reliable, practical in both installation and maintenance, and capable of high performance.

In this sense, GK submersible sewage pumps are a perfect example of how research, combined with in-depth knowledge of the industry, is able to bring truly sustainable innovations to the market.

A detailed look at the product reveals several strengths that characterise it and collectively contribute to generating added value for the customer. Let us analyse the main advantages of this range below.

Highly reliable submersible sewage pumps

The GK series submersible sewage pumps are designed to operate all the time.

In addition to their inherent durability, guaranteed by high-performance materials and motors that ensure reliable operation even in thermally demanding applications, these pumps are equipped with control and monitoring systems that increase their level of safety.

As standard on all models, there is a conductivity probe in the oil chamber to protect the motor. In the GK pumps there are two mechanical seals separating the electrical part from the mechanical part. If the first mechanical seal breaks, the probe immediately sends a signal to the control panel, making it possible to schedule a replacement. Meanwhile, thanks to the second mechanical seal, the pump can continue to run without risk of damage to the electrical part.

In addition, to prevent clogging and thus blocking of the pump, there are various anti-clogging systems. These can be applied to varying degrees depending on the type of pump hydraulics and always guarantee maximum durability and non-stop operation.

Energy saving: a key asset in the wastewater sector

The transport and treatment of wastewater requires a great deal of energy. This is why it is very important to rely on high-performance pumps. The submersible sewage  pumps of the GK series are equipped with high-efficiency IE3 motors, which allow considerable savings in consumption. Pump efficiency is also achieved through the design of the hydraulic part. Know-how and careful design using advanced fluid dynamics programmes have resulted in excellent hydraulic efficiency.

A solution for every need

Versatility is another of the strengths of GK submersible sewage pumps. This means, first and foremost, possibility of use in different applications thanks to the choice of the most suitable type of hydraulics. GK pumps are available with vortex back impeller, with single channel and double channel impeller and with impeller fitted with a shredder. The impeller with shredder is best suited for civil applications, while the vortex impeller is ideal for highly charged liquids with suspended solids. Single channel and double channel impellers are an excellent solution when high efficiency and therefore low operating costs are required.

Versatility also means flexibility in installation. In fact, GK pumps are equipped with a unique and patented oil cooling system that allows the pumps to work safely even without being submerged in liquid.

Ease of maintenance: an element not to be overlooked

Technology is increasingly moving towards plug-and-play solutions, designed to simplify the use of products. Following this philosophy, the GK pumps are equipped with a quick connection system to the switchboard that facilitates both installation and maintenance.  Since the connection cable to the switchboard is simply inserted into a plug, simply disconnect it and you are free to perform all maintenance tasks without unplugging the switchboard cables.

Future-oriented pumps

To date, as is well known, there are specific guidelines and standards for the development of electric pumps aimed at improving performance and limiting environmental impact. This mainly concerns submersible and surface pumps. The trend, however, is to extend the regulations also to the world of waste water, where there is a growing awareness of these issues. GK submersible sewage pumps, by virtue of their efficiency, represent a proposal that is already future-oriented and able to support the sector with state-of-the-art solutions.

Where GK submersible pumps can make a difference

  • Release and transport of wastewater into the sewerage system
  • Wastewater treatment in sewage plants
  • Wastewater management in industrial plants, e.g. in steel mills and the food industry
  • New applications such as first rain tanks