Submersible drainage and sewage pumps

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GX 40

Submersible Sewage and Drainage Pumps

Flow Head Power
3 / 36 3 / 12.9 0.55 / 1.2
mc/h m kW
  • Domestic and residential
  • Civil
  • Industrial

Data sheet

Single-impeller submersible pumps in chrome-nickel stainless steel, with vertical delivery port.
GXC: with two-passage impeller.
GXV: with free-flow (vortex) impeller.
Double shaft seal with interposed oil chamber.

- For clean and dirty water, also containing solids up to 35 mm grain size.
- The GXV free-flow impeller construction is particularly suitable for liquids with a high solid content or with filamentous particles.
- This construction (with smooth surfaces in rolled-stainless steel and easy access for cleaning) is also suitable for certain uses in the food industry.